I’m gonna be pissed if Boston wins tonight…

Will the Heat ever lose again?

Probably not. They have been absolutely dominant during their 22 game winning streak, winning games by over 11 points per game. Repeat, they are going into every game with a Sportscenter-sized bulls eye on their back and still beating teams by double digits.  They can’t be stopped right now. Dwayne Wade has scored 20+ in thirteen straight, Lebron James is still the most dominant athlete in sports, and the rest of the team is just clicking. Top to bottom, they are executing perfectly on both ends of the court.

Can they give the ‘71-’72 Laker’s 33 game win streak a run for its money? Well let’s look at their next ten games…

“If we lose tonight this article was for nothing!! This one’s for you Chris Barbee, this one’s for you”

This game is for win…. Opponent The only way the Heat will lose…


@ Boston

Boston always plays Miami strong but I don’t think they can do it without Garnett. To win they need Bradley to play out of his mind and take Wade out of the game.



No Irving, no chance.



Let’s  be real here. These might be the three worst teams in the NBA and each one of them is playing their worst basketball of the year. Miami will lay them on a bed of sticky rice, mix them with fresh fish and vegetables, and roll them like sushi.







Chicago is one of the most unpredictable teams in the league. Sometimes they can’t buy a bucket and can’t get enough stops to stay in the game (like their 41-point loss to Sacramento a week back) and sometimes they can’t buy a bucket and play the best defense in the league (like when they held Atlanta to 57 points in mid January). If they can force Miami into playing nasty, grimy Chi-town bball then maybe they can do it. I just don’t think Chicago has the offense to stop Miami. Noah, Boozer, and Gibson have to control the glass from beginning to end to pull the upset.


@New Orleans

Dead last in the West. Wham bam thank you ma’am..


@ San Antonio

This is the question mark. Back to back games against legitimate teams for the only time in the remainder of their streak. This will be the first game between the Heat and Spurs this season (first one doesn’t count because Pop sat everyone) and it will be interesting how San Antonio’s well oiled machine fairs against Lebron and Co. If the streak is still alive going into the Spurs game that’s must-watch TV. Unless you’re Greg Popovich in which case you scoff at the idea of getting excited for anything and generally hate the idea of media coverage of any event. Pops would spit in my face because I blog.

New York is another team that matches up well against Miami. They won the first two meetings this year. It will be tough to beat the Heat three times in a row but if any Eastern Conference team can do it, it’s the Knicks.


New York



Please just go home and take Byron Mullen’s face pubes with you.



They can knock out these two teams in their sleep. I refuse to watch Philly games because they are insufferably boring so I’ll be missing that one but the Milwaukee game should at least be fun to watch. Ellis, Jennings, and Sanders are all entertaining but realistically, they can’t hang with any of the elite teams in either conference.




Regardless of whether they win 33 in a row or not, we are witnessing some of the highest level of basketball ever played in the history of the NBA. Just please don’t blow it against Boston.


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