10 things you will hear before “Pacers upset the Heat!!”

10. “When Jason Kidd makes up his mind that he’s going to the rack, not many people can stop him”

9. “Giving Amare Stoudemire that max contract really makes our future look bright”

8. “Kendrick Perkins has a beautiful smile”

7. “Derek Fisher….now there’s a man the refs can trust”

6. “Man, Omer Asik really makes the game look effortless”

5. “…and a graceful move by Reggie Evans”

4. “If they can just get Josh Smith some open looks from 18 feet, they can’t lose this game”

3. “I should start doing my hair like Carlos Boozer”

2. “Hasheem Thabeet always finds himself in the right spot at the right time. He’s a real student of the game.”

1. “I don’t konw what Boris Diaw’s workout regimen is, but it’s working!”


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