Week 3 Divsional Power Rankings…..and a sentence on each team

I want to start by giving a sincere apology to the AFC. I did a (knee jerk) power rankings after week one and put AFC division at 2nd, 6th 7th, and 8th. Not my proudest moment, but hey, it had been one week and could I really trust the Dolphins or Chiefs at that point? That’s where you shake your head understandably so that I feel better and we move on. Thanks. Here’s a revamped power rankings two weeks later with a short spiel on each team.


1. AFC West

Broncos (3-0) Their offense is absolutely terrifying.2013-09-23-peyton-manning-broncos

Chiefs (3-0) Somehow they were EVERYONE’s sleeper, truly blurring the lines of what that word really means, but I guess we were all right. So far so good.

Oakland (1-2) In a league that’s pass pass pass, these guys are run run run. Al Davis would be proud proud proud.

Chargers (1-2) With all three of their games coming down to the wire they’ve been the most exciting team so far. But let’s be real, Phillip Rivers will implode at some point and they are one inevitable Ryan Mathews injury away from starting Danny Woodhead. So yeah go ahead and jump on that bandwagon.


2. AFC East

Patriots (3-0) I feel like every year the Pats receivers become a little less better with the idea that “Brady makes everyone great”. Is this the year where they stretch him too thin? They’re 5 TD’s and uncharacteristic sloppiness suggests maybe.

Dolphins (3-0) I think this team’s legit. With three wins and four games left against the Jets and Bills, it’s going to be hard to miss the playoffs, especially if Tannehill and their suddenly scary (even on paper!) receiving corps keep up the efficiency.

Jets (2-1) Surprise surprise, this team isn’t a pushover! If Geno Smith can grow (and the Jets have a history of developing young quarterbacks right?) this team could stay in the playoff chase all year.

Bills (1-2) CJ Spiller is killing fantasy teams across the nation right now, including mine. Not acceptable CJ.


3. NFC North

Bears (3-0) Every game has been close. Beat the Lions this week and they will have earned top spot in the division while the Packers continue to struggle.

Lions (2-1) Before you get too excited realize they’ve beaten the winless Vikings and Redskins. They also allowed a 4th quarter game winning drive to Carson Palmer. Good teams don’t do that.

Packers (1-2) Before you get too nervous realize they’ve lost to the 49ers and Bengals, both playoff teams last year. They have a tough schedule but this is a quality football team. I’ll be surprised if they don’t turn things around soon.

Vikings (0-3) The Minnesota Adrian Peterson’s seem to be a little one dimensional. But at least they lost to the league’s elite last week; the Browns without Trenton Richardson.


4. NFC West

Seahawkes (3-0) Best team in the NFC, hands down. Utter domination on both sides of the ball.

Rams (1-2) With zero running game, their entire offense is in Sam Bradford’s hands. It’s hard to put that guy in the top 15 players at his position so good luck.

49ers (1-2) After hammering the Packers week one they have scored 10 points. They badly need a healthy Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis right now. A loss to the Rams this week will officially make it time to panic.

Cardinals (1-2) I have an irrational distaste for Carson Palmer. There I said it.


5. AFC South

Texans (2-1) Foster has been ineffective, Andre Johnson has a concussion, and Matt Schaub is…just Matt Schaub. Did these guys already miss their window? They looked like a title contender a couple years ago and now they are struggling just to get by.

Titans (2-1) A legitimate sleeper team right now, however, their next four games are incredibly tough. Jets, KC, @Seattle, San Fran. If they get out of with two wins, you’re looking at a wildcard favorite.

Colts (2-1) Shocked everyone after walking into Candlestick and handing the 49ers a 27-7 loss. Did the Richardson trade and Irsay tweets light a fire under the team? If so, this is not a top heavy division and can be stolen.

Jaguars (0-3) What is there to say? I would feel comfortable sitting in a dunk tank if Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne were the ones throwing at the target.


6. NFC South

Saints (3-0) They were my preseason NFC Super Bowl pick. Can’t wait to say I told you so!

Falcons (1-2) Things aren’t looking good with injuries and the Pats next week. If they fall to 1-3 it’s hard to find the 9 more wins in their schedule to make the playoffs.

Panthers (1-2) Where the hell did a 38-0 win come from? But I still think if the last possession of every Panthers game was “last score wins” the Panthers go 0-16. They can’t close.

Buccaneers (1-2) Remember the excitement when they traded for Revis, Carl Nicks was coming back from injury, and they had the Muscle Hamster and quarterback in a contract year. Yeah me neither.


7. AFC North

Bengals (2-1) I lose every bet I put on the Bengals so I might be a little biased but I’m just not impressed. I know they have a smart young quarterback, a top five WR, and a great defense but I’m not impressed. Look, I’m just NOT IMPRESSED. I’m just NOT okay! And you can’t make me.

Ravens (2-1) We all know they lost Lewis and Reed and then opened the season getting squashed by Denver (join the club). Since then have allowed 15 points though. There’s never been a more disrespected reigning Super Bowl champ, but they need to win in Miami this week to turn heads.

Browns (1-2) Glad to see Hoyer get a win. He got screwed at MSU when his receivers dropped an estimated 1,257 passes his senior year (I was there for every home game and I counted) and then sat trapped behind Brady early in his career. If he can win his next game I don’t think we ever see Weeden again.

Steelers (0-3) Best news is that Roethlisberger hasn’t been accused of sexual misconduct in a long time. People don’t forget Ben!

8. NFC East

Soooo who’s going to win this division? We might see a below .500 playoff team.

Cowboys (2-1) Noted choke artists.

Eagles (1-2) Chip Kelly has put his defense on the field for 40 minutes each of the last two games. Still think it’s genius?

Redskins (0-3) Griffin isn’t the same, it’s that simple. They should have been starting Cousins since day one this year until Griffin was 100%.

Giants (0-3) Can’t tell if they’re terrible…Or have us right where they want us….


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