The Definition of Domination: MSU crushes U of M.

The almighty Wolverines. They’ve looked down their noses at us for years. So high and mighty, they pretend like they don’t care, pretend like it’s just another game to them. They dismiss us every chance they get. But deep down, they’re hiding a secret…

If they don’t care why is our name constantly in their mouth? Former quarterback Denard Robinson went out of his way to rank Michigan State third in his rivals list, even calling us “little brother”, despite the fact no team dominated Denard like the Spartans did. If you don’t care why bring us up at all? Why show up at the game to watch the domination in person? Because deep down he holds the same secret.

Michigan looks at themselves as the epitome of excellence, a program full of class. Yet they spent money to have a plane spell “GO BLUE” over Spartan Stadium a month prior to our matchup. If you don’t care, why waste time with such childish games? The class act would have been donating that money to charity. Thank goodness that’s how Michigan State alumni responded. How the times have changed…And how their secret has grown.

If you’re not worried about us why did coaches and players spend all week speaking publicly about the MSU game being “dirty”, quietly buttering up the officials in hopes that something…anything…will give you a shot at winning. On the other hand Mark Dantonio told his team “Don’t worry about all the things that are being said – just keep your mouth shut. Get ready to play, start the game and finish stronger than when you started. We were going to let the lion out of the cage at 3:30, and that’s what happened.” Why the cold confidence from MSU nowadays? Well, it’s simple really…

Michigan is jealous of us. They’ve become the crazy ex-girlfriend who claims she’s over you but every Friday night, sends “I miss you” texts.

The fact is, the bullies in green are just too good for you now. Michigan fans dread this game every year because they know what’s going to happen. The two teams will line up and Michigan State will punch the Wolverines in the mouth, over and over again, until the game ends. Michigan State has become everything Michigan used to be…and still wants to be…but can’t. Michigan wants to be Michigan State.

Michigan State has won five of the last six meetings and Saturday’s 29-6 backyard beat down was the worst one yet. It proved, yet again, MSU is the best team in the state. Period, end of story, there are no arguments.

For three straight hours, the Spartans defense put on the clamps. They pushed and pushed while Wolverines hung their heads and couldn’t make eye contact. 7 sacks, 11 tackles for loss, and 2 of 14 on third down. When the final whistle blew you could still see Spartan boot marks on the Wolverines’ necks.

Michigan fans will refer to the past, when they dominated the Spartans for years. They reminisce about being nationally relevant, while old Heisman trophies and Big Ten titles sit on mantles gathering dust.  Across the state, MSU has their number and is well on their way to another Big Ten Championship game while Michigan has yet to sniff one. What happened to you? You had two weeks to prepare for this game and finished with negative 48 rushing yards, couldn’t see the endzone with binoculars, and spent half the game with dirt on your jersey and blood on your face. Devin Gardner left the game “beat up” but “not injured” according to Brady Hoke. Sounds like this matchup is too physical for U of M now. You should be embarrassed.

A set of plays late in the game sums up everything. Connor Cook threw a pick to the Wolverines, who finally had the break they needed. This was their chance to make their comeback. But the Spartans defense laughed to themselves, pinned their ears back, and sacked Devin Gardner on first, second and third down for an eventual 4th and 31.  Translation: “Give us the ball back. Nice try maize and blue. Better luck next time.” Nothing’s free in Spartan Stadium.

Michigan dismisses the rivalry when, in reality, it was Michigan State that was playing “just another game”. This is what they do. They’re the toughest team in the Big Ten with a defense that’s nothing short of elite. They’ve allowed nine points and zero touchdowns the past three weeks. Meanwhile, the offense that couldn’t move the ball against South Florida earlier this year has found its stride, averaging nearly 32 points over the past four weeks.

When the year started I thought MSU’s best chance to make the Rose Bowl was to sneak in if Ohio State made the championship. Now I think we can outright take it from the Buckeyes if we play them. Laugh now, but just wait for that championship game. We have a defense that keeps us in any game and if we don’t turn it over….I’m just saying. Ohio State is dominating the same teams we are and, just like us, they don’t have any definitive victories. Both teams biggest test will come in the Big Ten Championship. And winner goes to the Rose Bowl.

As for Michigan…hail to the victors? I agree.

I’ll get Brady Hoke a pillow for his knees.

This is Spartan country now.

Michigan State players celebrate with the Paul Bunyon Trophy following their 29-6 win over Michigan in an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013, in East Lansing, Mich. (Al Goldis/AP)


8 thoughts on “The Definition of Domination: MSU crushes U of M.

  1. It’s the classic arrogance versus class argument. Well written article. UM was dominated on every aspect of the ball. Brady Hoke is nothing but a salesman. Put a headset on and start coaching. For my close Michigan alumni, they are embarrassed but they know the tides are turning. Taylor Lewan is trash, and I am happy he showed his true colors. Do we remember when Dave Brandon whined and complained until Gholston got suspended the night before Wisconsin game two years ago? Let’s see if Dantonio or Hollis complain to Big Ten even once about that idiot, Lewan. Props to Devin Gardner. I’ve never seen a beating like that and he got up every single time. This kid will be special.

  2. I predict “same old Spartans” in the champions hip game, IF they make it. Your defense doesn’t help you DOMINATE teams. Instead, your great defense allows you to hang around and hold on until the end for those wins. Your offense does not do anywhere near equal work on their end. 56 – 0 by osu on Purdue as opposed to msu’s 14. Narrow win margins on your side compared to osu. As much as I hate osu and dislike sparty, I hope sparty beats osu if he gets the chance. However, don’t forget, besides their great offense, they have a damn good defense. If the Cook offense can’t score on that defense, which is likely true, it’s another B1G champ game loss for sparty. That said, don’t look so far ahead, worry about beating Nebraska and Northwestern. Northwestern might actually wake up and play like the team they were against osu. You beat Michigan and I know it’s your whole word, but don’t act like it’s your whole world.

    • I’ve never been one for transitive property sort of arguments (OSU won 56-0 while you won 14-0 so therefore…) but I see where you’re coming from. And our dominant effort against Michigan WAS matched by an almost equally dominant showing by Nebraska yesterday. Maybe I’m overestimating how good our defense is based on the Michigan game. It seems like everyone does that these days I guess.

      But I digress, I still think we stand a fair chance to make the championship game and an equally fair chance of beating OSU. I see another backyard brawl in our near future, except this time the other team will swing back.

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