NFL picks….I had to take a break from the losing but I’m back with a vengeance

I had a bad streak of picks and when that happens I like to take a week off. But I’m back and these are all guaranteed to make money, you know if you’re into that sort of thing. Which I’m not.


Washington +6 @ Atlanta.

Let’s look at the benching of starter RGII through Fuhrer Shanahan’s eyes. The team is absolute garbage and they traded a ton of their future picks to get RGII (who might just be an OK quarterback). The only trade bait to get some picks back just happens to be the guy sitting behind RGIII. This season is over so why not try to salvage, and perhaps even increase, Captain Kirk’s trade stock. Can’t do that unless he’s playing right? So maybe this isn’t the power trip to end all power trips, maybe it’s a last ditch effort to save this team’s future. With that being said I think Cousins can lead them to at least cover. If there’s any team in the NFC the debacle train in Washington can beat it’s 2013’s biggest disappointment, the Falcons. Maybe that’s just my fandom speaking though. I’m a huge Kirk Cousins slappy, he’s the man!!


San Francisco -6 @ Tampa Bay

I’ve never liked a 4-9 team more than I like Tampa Bay (high honors, I know) but San Fran is playing great football right now. I think the 49ers slow down Bobby Rainey enough to make quick work of the Bucs.


Seattle moneyline over New York Giants

The Giants are terrible but 8.5 in The Meadowlands in December is tough to overcome. But the Giants have struggled to put up points against even the crappiest of defenses. Seattle is in another world on that side of the ball.

Chicago @ Cleveland +1.5

Jay Cutler makes his return against a stout Cleveland defense. I don’t think McCown is better than Cutler but I do think McCown is playing better RIGHT NOW than Cutler will be able to coming off injury. In my opinion McCown gives them a better chance to win today, Cutler gives them a better chance to win come playoff time.

Houston @ Indianapolis -6

Houston is gunning for that number one spot! I don’t think they take Clowney but the thought of JJ Watt and Clowney lined up opposite each other makes my mouth water.


Buffalo @ Jacksonville (+3)

Jacksonville is playing good football right now. People might think, “Why are you winning? You’re ruining your draft spot?!” But I love what they are doing. Think about what is more beneficial to a team. One player from college who may or may not pan out to be a great player or injecting your entire young team with a little confidence and positivity going into the offseason. I’m going with the latter if it means players are happier to work out in the offseason and more excited to play in Jacksonville as a whole. That incremental betterment of each individual player will have more effect going forward than a player drafted three spots higher could ever do. Also, Jacksonville can’t draft anyway.

New England +1 @ Miami

Star players have been dropping like flies in New England all season. But Tom Brady is back to doing Tom Brady things which means it doesn’t matter if Gronk or Giselle is playing tight end, Brady will find a way to make his team win.

Philly -7 @ Minnesota

Nick Foles and Philly are playing incredibly right now and the Vikings will be without their heart and soul, Adrian Peterson. Without AP I’d pretty much take anyone -7 against the Vikings.

New York Jets @ Carolina -10

Geno Smith has gotten progressively worse throughout the season. Good luck against this Carolina defense IN Carolina.

Kansas City @ Oakland +6

KC has finally woken up from the idealistic fantasy land that was the first half of this season. Although I think they win, I’d give any opponent six points against them until they can turn things around. Plus Matt McGloin has actually been better than decent since taking over.

Arizona @ Tennessee +3

This has the feeling of a slam dunk Arizona pick but I’m going the other way. Arizona is 5-1 over their last six games but those five wins were against Atlanta, Houston, Jacksonville, Indy, and St. Louis. Other than beating Carolina (early season before they took off) and Indy (hasn’t been the same without Reggie Wayne) Carolina hasn’t beat anyone good this season. Tennessee steals one at home.

New Orleans -7 @ St. Louis

Good luck stopping Brees

Green Bay @ Dallas (moneyline)

Tony Romo is good in December, just look at his stats. The rest of his team is usually what’s terrible. I think Dallas gets that rare December win (just not by 6 points).

Cincy -3 @ Pittsburgh

Cincinnati has quietly and soundly won 3 in a row against “quality opponents” (Indy, San Diego on the road, and Cleveland for the second time this season). Ok those teams aren’t great but the Bengals beat them by a combined 42 points. Cincy keeps rolling until they clinch the division (possibly this week with a win and Ravens loss)

Baltimore +6 @ Detroit

If there is anyone left out there that thinks this Detroit team is good think about this. They had strong chance of winning the division or getting a wildcard spot BEFORE Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler went down with injury, crippling their division competition. With the chance to take absolute control of the division the Lions promptly allowed 100 first quarter points to the Steelers, made a huge comeback, and then blew it anyway. 0-1. Then they lost to Tampa Bay at home. 0-2. They crushed the Packers on Thanksgiving (that game was nationally televised so I guess I understand if some people still think they are good). 1-2. Then LeSean McCoy ran for 2,132 rushing yards in the fourth quarter to route the Lions in the snow. So to recap, the fully healthy Lions had every reason to win the division and didn’t take advantage of it in the least, and are still tied for the division. They do not deserve to go to the playoffs and Jim Schwartz should be fired. But the good news is Cutler is back and Rodgers will be back next week (most likely). So they can put an end to my suffering really soon here.


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