8 random thoughts I had while watching two straight days of NBA playoffs

Ten random thoughts I had while watching two straight days of NBA playoffs[1]

  1. “Kendrick Perkins might be drunk right now”

He started the game by snapping the ball through his legs to Russell Westbrook and later in the game streaked down the lane in transition and pointed upwards seemingly calling for an alley oop that no one would ever throw. Seriously Kendrick? Not even Andre Miller could place the ball close enough to the rim for you to actually dunk it.


  1. “Do the Pacers know the playoffs have started?”

To keep their two month streak of terrible play alive, Indy came out unenthused and got smashed by the 38-44 Atlanta Hawks[2]. It’s not their fault though. When Jeff Teague has the rock, everybody is at his mercy…


  1. “No..No..NOOOOO!!! WHY?!?!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!?!”

Those were the exact hysterical cries that escaped my lips when Tim Duncan banged knees with Monta Ellis. It had the look and feel of a career ending ACL tear and it just had me worried. I was midway through piecing together a dedication video titled “#TimStrong” set to the Titanic theme song when he checked back in unscathed. Thank god that never got tweeted.


  1. “Is Draymond Green, not Harrison Barnes, the X-factor on Golden State?”

Day Day is turning into the type of player whose impact isn’t fully appreciated by typical box score statistics. I mean, 7, 7, 4 is a respectable line when you’re coming off the bench but it was the little things he did in the big moments that really make him stand out. In the second half he pounded a guy off glass as the sole defender on a two-on-one, caused a Chris Paul turnover in the waning seconds of the game (the NBA said it should have been a foul) and generally bothered anyone near him on defense. The Warriors outscored the Clippers by 17 when he was on the court.


  1. “So, I guess lending Ferrari’s is a thing rich people do.”

 I once lent someone season 3 of Scrubs and was nervous.


  1. “Why does Nene’s name never come up when people talk about great centers?”

 This is more of a knock on Nene than the fans. He has the size and strength to matchup with anyone and consistently bullied Joakim Noah in game one but it’s the skill and deft touch this guy has that sets him apart. He can pass and score off the dribble. Is it his injury history? Why can’t this guy be the destructive force he was in game one all the time? Makes me sad.


  1. “I can’t wait to see Birdman in 25 years”

He’s about to be the gnarliest old man on Earth. Move over this guy.


  1. “Did Kyle Korver just swat Roy Hibbert?”

Yes. The answer was yes. The white guy who rarely steps inside the 3-point arc came streaking…nay soaring…across the lane and sent Hibbert’s weak shit at least one row deep. But it wasn’t a coincidence. He did it AGAIN late in the 4th quarter!! Hibbert if you’re not going to use your height you shouldn’t be allowed to have it. You’re being selfish.


[1] No, “I need friends” is not one of them.

[2] I’m pretty sure nobody in the city of Atlanta was aware of the Hawks upset.


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